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Soy Protein Concentrate Powder, 1#/16oz package

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Manufacturer: Solae
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Powdered Soy Protein Concentrate - 70% protein; 1#/16oz package

Solae Alpha DS (functional concentrate, powdered)

The starting point for all soy protein products is the Whole Soybean, which contains about 40 percent protein. This type of soy protein is prepared from defatted soybeans by removing the water-soluble carbohydrates.

Soy protein concentrates are 70% protein and have NO bean flavor.

Soy protein concentrates take on the flavor of the foods they enhance and tend to improve the overall quality because they retain moisture and will hold flavors through multiple cooking processes.

They contain about 70 percent protein and 23 percent dietary fiber

A fine powder, soy protein concentrate (70% protein) has a very low flavor profile Functionally, the product exhibits good dispersability, water binding and fat emulsification.

Improve the overall texture of your product, reduce shrinkage and help to retain a moist succulent end result.

Soy concentrates contain polysaccharides, which absorb a significant amount of water. Processing conditions can vary the amount of water that can be absorbed. In fact, these conditions can be varied to influence how tightly the water is bound by the protein in the finished food product.

Because they retain their functionality in the presence of salt during reheating and in the freeze/thaw cycle, soy protein concentrates make a good choice for use in meat systems. They also can help to lower the percentage of fat in ham, sausage, luncheon meats and frankfurters.

They have the ability to bind and hold natural flavors and moisture, resulting in products that stay moist and flavorful even after reconstitution in conventional or microwave ovens. They can withstand stresses caused by multiple cooking, microwave heating, retort cooking and extended storage or handling time.

Suggested usage levels range from one to three percent of your meat formulation.

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